JioTV for PC – How to Download / Install Jio TV in Computer (pc)

Downloading and Installing process on JioTV for PC – How it works in Personal Computer (Desktop / Laptop)……
Reliance Jio allows members the opportunity of watching their Favorite TV channels as they move around from place to place. This has been made possible thanks to JioTV for PC, an application which provides access to both Regional and International TV channels with Jio 4G VoLTE network. Any person who does not own this application can simply use the web version of JioTV. Also Read jiofi.local.html setup

With this version, you will have to open your web browser and access You will then have to enter the login credentials i.e. Jio Id and password before watching any channel of your Choice. 

JioTV for PC
JioTV for PC

JioTV for PC / Jio TV in PC [Jiotv apk file]

To watch the TV channels using JioTV app, you will have to download and install this application using the step by step guide given below.

  • You will first have to download and install an Android emulator in your Personal Computer before Downloading JioTV app.  To do this, open your web browser and download Bluestacks or Nox app player.
  • As soon as the download is complete, double click on the file to install it into your Personal Computer.
  • Next, Download JioTV apk file using the same web browser before locating it in your Personal Computer.
  • You will then have to open the installed android emulator software I.e. Bluestacks or Nox app player. Click on ‘JioTV apk file’ as soon as the android emulator is open.
  • The installed android emulator software will then start installing JioTV for PC into your Personal Computer. You should exercise patience since this step may take a couple of minutes depending on the speed.
  • After Installing JioTV for PC, you can then open it using the android emulator app.
  • Enter your Jio ID and password in the spaces set aside for this option before clicking on ‘Login’ button. You can now enjoy live streaming of your favorite TV channels on JioTV.

The above guide is mostly reliable for Personal Computers which run on any windows version.

Importance of JioTV app for PC

JioTV app from Reliance Jio is a step in the right direction since it offers numerous advantages to Jio account holders. Some of the advantages of owning JioTV app include:

  • Live streaming of your favorite TV channels from any location that you term appropriate. You will therefore never miss any show or movie simply because you cannot access the Television.
  • JioTV app makes use of High Definition videos.  Owners of JioTV app do not have to worry about low quality videos since the application makes use of the best quality that we have at the moment.
  • You do not have to worry about buffering since JioTV makes of a 4G network thus solving any lag issue which you may encounter in other applications.
  • JioTV app can be used in both Smartphone and Personal Computers. All you need to do is download and install the correct versions before enjoying TV channels.

With all these advantages, you will never again think about using a different applications in watching Regional and International TV channels.

How to setup Jiotv for PC in Windows 10 / Bluestacks Application?

  1. How to run JIO TV for PC?

    Open the Google Play Store and type JioTV on the search bar. Click on the JioTV app from the results shown and wait for the download to complete. Once the download is successful, you should enter your Jio ID and password on the Myjio app before you can finally install JioTV on your PC.

  2. How to install Jio TV in windows 10?

    For you to run Jio TV in Windows 10, you’ll first have to download and set up0 Bluestacks emulator. Now setup Android on Bluestacks and log in to Google Account. Download Jio TV latest APK Version before you can finally install it. Finally, enter your Jio number and password to access Jio TV channels for free.

JioTV Not Working Issue – How to Fix Jio TV [Solved]

Procedure on How to Fixing JioTV Not working issue…..
JioTV is an application from Reliance Jio which assists Jio customers in viewing and selecting TV channels on Smartphones and tablets. Reliance Jio has also come up with Jio DTH plans which comprise of a set top box, one dish, wire, one remote control and a user Manual. However, the Jio 4G tend to encounter issues since there are so many severs that it needs to serve.  Reliance Jio is however planning to come up with Jio 5G that will solve all these issues. To change jiofi settings open jiofi.local.html

Many JioTV users complain about not working issues whenever they try to access their JioTV. Fortunately, you can solve all these issues by going through the solutions provided in this article.

Fix jiotv not running issue
Jio TV Not working Issue

Common Reasons behind JioTV Not Working Issue

Before we concentrate on the solutions, we can have a look at some of the reasons as to why you may be experiencing JioTV Not Working Issue. These common factors include:

  • A response error
  • Some applications may be using Jio’s 4G which prevents JioTV from running normally.
  • Using the same program to load over and over again
  • JioTV Not Working on your mobile phone
  • Problems with Jio subscriptions
  • Lacking a valid customer password and username which you need to use when connecting to your Wi-Fi.
  • Presence of bugs which may end up creating errors on the side of a user.

 JioTV Not Working Issue

Below are the solutions which you can use in fixing JioTV Not Working Issue.

  • If your Jio TV application is not responding, then try uninstalling and reinstalling it. With a newly installed JioTV app, you will not encounter the issue again.
  • You should make sure that you have entered the mobile setting together with jionet as the access point.
  • If you happen to encounter a poor connection, then try disabling and enabling the mobile data. After doing this, you will have to log out of the Jio app before logging in again with the correct login credentials. Now use Jio TV app without encountering the ‘Not Working’ issue.
  • Try having a look at the authentication type, APN roaming protocol and APN protocol to check whether they are in order.
  • Check for App Updates: It is highly advisable that you check for any JioTV updates in Google Play Store or APP Store in Apple. since you may be using an outdated version. If there is a new update, then it is important to make the necessary changes for a better user experience.
  • Perform a speed test to check your internet speeds: If the JioTV app is taking longer than expected in loading, then you can have a look at your internet speed by performing a speed test. To perform this action, you can make use of an online tool that checks the internet speed.
  • Clear app data and cache: If the above steps do not work, then simply make use of the steps given below.

Go to Settings > APN settings > Jio TV > Clean the app data and Cache. You will then have to restart your smartphone before opening your JioTV app and click on ‘Skip’ sign in Option. You can now be able to watch any live channel on your JioTV app without encountering any app.

How to Increase Jio TV Buffering Speed and How to Solve JioTV Not working issue?

  1. How to fix Jio TV not working issue?

    If your Jio TV application is not responding, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it. A newly installed Jio TV app is certainly going to work efficiently. However, you must enter the mobile setting together with Jionet as the access point. It is then that you can use Jio TV app without encountering the ‘Not Working’ issue.

  2. How to increase Jio TV Buffering speed?

    There are many ways to increase Jio TV buffering speed. One of the best ways to go about this is by forgetting and connecting Wi-Fi. All you have to do is visit- Setting > Wi-Fi Network > Forget All. This action is aimed at removing all the Wi-Fi credentials from your device before reconnecting.

Myjio App for PC or Laptop for Windows and Mac OS

Installation procedure on How to Install Myjio App for PC or MyJio App in my PC (Desktop or Laptop)….
If you own a Jio account, then you probably know the advantages that this Network has brought to the millions of users in India. However, you cannot get the most out of your Jio account if you rely on the old methods of calling Reliance Jio customer care. This is because Reliance Jio has brought the services closer to customers through Myjio App.

MyJio app is an application that is mostly used in Smartphones to access Reliance Jio Services. Personal Computer’s owners are also not left behind since they can download and install MyJio app for PC. This application contains every feature and benefit just like the mobile version app. Downloading MyJio app for PC is a walk in the park since you do not need any knowledge. Change the Jiofi Modem Setup by logon into jiofi.local.html

Myjio app for pc
Myjio app for PC

How to Install MyJio App in PC or Laptop

However, you must make use of a good internet connection and a working PC. With these requirements in place, you can make use of the simple guide given below to download and install MyJio app for a Personal Computer.

  • Open your web browser be it Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or even Mozilla Firefox and download the latest Bluestacks application.
  • Wait for some few minutes as the download is taking place. The waiting time depends on your internet speed.
  • You will then have to install the downloaded Bluestacks application into your drive.
  • Run the Bluestacks app as soon as installation is complete.
  • If it is the first time using Bluestacks, you will see a brief user manual and instructions on how to get the most out of Bluestacks app. follow all the prompts displayed until you can see the desktop user interface.
  • Next, click on “Play Store app” and enter your Google Email account. You can also create a new email account if you do not own one.
  • The Play Store app will then reappear once you activate your Google Email account. Type ‘MyJio app’ on the search bar of the Play Store app. This search bar is strategically situated on top of the interface.
  • Click on the ‘MyJio app’ option that will appear on the screen of your PC to download and install it.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes as the installation is taking place after which you can use your installed MyJio application to access services such as JioPlay for PC and JioMusic for PC.

The above guide is specifically set aside for Personal Computers which are running on Windows. You can therefore make use of it only if your Windows gadget allows Virtualization and has 4GB RAM or more.

How to Install MyJio App in PC and how to use My Jio App in PC?

  1. How to install MY Jio App in my PC / Laptop?

    To download MyJio for PC, you need to download and install an Android Emulator on Windows and Mac devices. You can choose to install Nox App Player, after which you need to set up Google Account in it. After adding the Google Account, download the MyJio APK and drag it into Bluestacks. Click on install when prompt.

  2. How to use MY Jio App in my desktop?

    To use My Jio app on desktop, you should start by downloading Bluestacks. You will then have to install it on your desktop. Open the Bluestacks and find Google Play Store. Search for My Jio app and install it on your desktop to enjoy the numerous features it offers without worrying about anything.

How to Jiofi Firmware upgrade to Latest Firmware Version to login jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Step by Step process for How to update Jiofi Firmware upgrade to Latest Version by using to logon into jiofi.local.html/index.htm or…
Jiofi Modem was invented by Jio Company. Lot of Jiofi dongles are sold by Jio. The Jiofi device shares the internet upto 10 other devices like Smartphones or Tab. Recently i hear a news about how to get Jiofi Firmware upgrade file or Jiofi Firmware update. Lot of Jio users are try to upgrade Jiofi Firmware by using to login in jiofi.local.html website or URL. It is a different process to upgrade Jiofi Firmware to Latest Firmware Version.

How to update Jiofi Firmware upgrade to Latest Version logging in jiofi.local.html

Actually there is a Firmware file to upgrade Latest version Firmware. Here we will provide the instructions below….

  • Browse the URL http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm and login to your admin panel with username and password bearing administrative privileges. Go to “Settings” > “Firmware Upgrade” tab.
  • Under this tab’s sub-categories, you will be able to view the installed firmware’s version in your JioFi device under ‘Device Software Version’.
  • Go to “Browse” under “Software Upgrade” > “Select” tab.
  • You can get to see the latest firmware versions listed over there.
  • From there, you need to select the latest one and click on “Apply” button.

Afterwards, it will start firmware upgradation automatically, and within 2-3 minutes’ time, the upgradation will be completed successfully.

Jiofi Firmware
Jiofi Firmware Upgrade

How to Access Jiofi Memory Card Slot in jiofi.local.html?

  • You need to insert the SD card in the provided slot followed by switching on your Jio device.
  • Then browse to URL http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm and login with username and password having administrative privilege.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Storage” and select “Enable” under storage account, assign storage username as “SD card”, change the storage password as per your wish and finally keep the storage mode as ‘WiFi Storage’.
  • To access the storage slot of your Jio device, now you need to browse http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html.

This apart, your SD card contents can also be accessed by using an USB cable while your Jio device being connected to a computer.

How to upgrade Jiofi Firmware Latest Update?

  1. How to check Jiofi Firmware Version in Jiofi.local.html?

    Connect your computer or Personal Computer to your router before tying in JioFi.local.html on the search tab of your web browser. Enter your JioFi ID and Password to access your account. Select Advanced> Settings> Administration to check the firmware version online. Of course, you must logout of your account once you access this information.

  2. How to upgrade Jiofi Firmware new version by logon Jiofi.local.html?

    Once you connect your device to the router, you have to login into the Admin panel using your login credentials. You’ll then have to click on ‘Firmware’ option, after which you can see a configuration backup. Now, go to Settings > Firmware Upgrade and click on ‘Browse’ to start the process of upgrading and installing.

How to disable JioFi Internet to Other Connected Users by jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Setup Procedure for how to disable / stop Jiofi Internet connect to Limited devices with identification by logging into jiofi.local.html/index.htm or or 192.168.l.l URL’s…..
In this post we will see how to block or how to hide Jiofi Router from other users by signin into by jiofi.local.html/index.htm. Of late, Reliance Digital has enabled its LYF section (a subsidiary of Reliance Retail) which manufactures 4G compatible VoLTE smartphones. LYF has empowered ‘JioFi’ which is virtually a Wi-Fi facility for Jio mobile users. JioFi is brought up by Reliance Digital and is supposed to function as a portable broadband device.

The functionality is wide-ranged which also includes allowing multiple users as well as mobile devices to access Jio’s supersonic speed 4G internet connectivity in order to promote creation of personal Wi-Fi hotspots. It is currently entitled as a public Hotspot service being allied with JioNet.

How to stop JioFi Internet from Other Connected devices by login into jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Lot of smartphone users are used the jiofi device. But some users are hack your jiofi wifi hotspot router without your permission. Here we will give some tips how to hide Jiofi 2 Mifi Router by signin through or http://192.168.l.l

  • First Connect your JioFi3 mifi Hotspot dongle with your smartphone or PC or Laptop.
  • Now open any browser installed in your PC or laptop. Preferably browser is ‘Google Chrome’.
  • Enter the URL as given http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm
  • Login with username as administrator and password as administrator.
  • Go to Settings and click on Network. You will see the option of MAC address Filter. Actually the option disabled by default. You can change in Enable mode.

How to Allow to connect your JioFi Router Preferred devices only

Every Jiofi user may have to try to allow only some Preferred devices to connect my JioFi Dongle. Just follow the proceeding steps as given below.

  • First you must complete the above steps then coming to this preferred devices and you have to Enabled MAC address filter. You will notice an option of MAC address filter mode.
  • Allow MAC address filter mode.
  • Then Press on Add option (It is added to your Preferred devices list) and you will choose all the MAC address (devices) which you want connected to your JioFi 3 device.

Next click to confirm your Settings. Your Preferred Settings will be updated immediately.

How to Block / Disable JioFi Internet to Other Connected Users?

  1. How to disable connected devices by logon into Jiofi.local.html?

    Connect your JioFi device with your smartphone or PC. Visit https://jiofi.local.html and login with your Username and Password. Go to Settings option and click on ‘Network.’ You can now see the option of MAC Address Filter, which is actually disabled by default. Users are free to change in Enable mode.

  2. How to know how many devices was connected my Jiofi dongle in Jiofi.local.html?

    Visit http://jiofi.local.html and login to the homepage. Here, you have to access the ‘JioFi Network Status’ page to see all users who use the Wi-Fi. On the settings, look for the network option, after which a menu list will appear when you can select client list. You can see the names of the JioFi active users and the particular time they have been connected.