How to Increase Jiofi Internet Speed Enable Jiofi Mac Address Filter at 192.168.l.l

Procedure for How to raise the Jiofi Internet Speed and How to Enable the Jiofi Mac Address Filter option at 192.168.l.l and jiofi.local.html…..
Jiofi is a broadband device by Reliance Media. With Jiofi, multiple users as well as mobile devices can access 4G internet connection and create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Additionally, Jiofi can connect a minimum of 10 devices plus one USB connection. Some models can support a lot more connections. This article will talk everything in regards to Jiofi Internet Speed and Enable Mac Address Filtering, and how you can configure the Jiofi dongle by accessing 192. 168. l.l or jiofi.local.html

Tips for How to Increase Jiofi Internet Speed

If you possess a Jiofi device, this part of the article is going to be essential to you as it will brief you on how you could increase the speeds. Here are the tips:

  • Create a Wireless Encryption Password to make sure that only you and authorized user can access this connection. It you set it to open, it will be used by other people and cause decreased speeds.
  • Make sure that the DNS is changed to Open DNS i.e. or You could also opt for Google DNS, whose IP address is and Those are the Google DNS servers.
  • Consider placing the device close to the windows or any other open areas instead of placing it very close inside your room. This makes sure that it can easily connect to the network.
Jiofi Internet speed
Jiofi Internet speed and Jiofi Mac Bonding

How to Enable Jiofi Mac Address Filter at 192.168.l.l

Here we will guiding on How to Enable Jiofi MAC Bonding or How to filter Jiofi MAC Address or how to restrict unknown mac id’s. Just go through the following steps:

  • Go to http://jiofi.local.html and click on the login button. Later, sign in with your username and password. (in case you are yet to update the password, use the default one, which is ‘administrator’)
  • Click on the Network tab and choose the ‘Mac Address Filter’ option.
  • Enable the Mac address filter.
  • After providing the separate Mac ID, you can allow or deny access to your network by a certain device.
  • Click on the Submit button. Keep the setting by tapping on “Apply” button.

Jiofi has led to creativity and new innovations in the electronics sector of the industry. Usability has immensely increased and the size has been reduced leading to an innovative union. Due to its never-ending features, Jiofi has a great potential to serve a lot of users. Explore it today!

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  1. My jiofi does not giving high speed data transfer, this device is to slow, how should I do to increase data speed up.

    please help

  2. Sir after using my jiofi for sometime it get too slow and data also transfer very slowly. Please help me for this problem. Thank you

  3. Sir, there is a problem in jio fi 3 router. Even when there is high network the device will have slow internet in connecting only one device. Internet speed is slower than 100 kbps. Please solve this problem sir. I look forward for your reply sir.

  4. sir, there is something i need to tell you ….that
    my jio 4 s slow
    i have recharged it for 3 months

  5. In our town there is no network and Internet speed is less than 10kbps and we r sick about this we need some our address is Sanvordem tisk fonkulem pincode 403706 goa
    Please please increase the speed at list 100 or200kbps we are sorry about the complaint but me and my friends need to do

  6. I agreed google dns can make faster data speed. How do you change DNS Server to Google DNS in Jiofi, Please explain,

  7. My jiofi is not working fine…its very difficult even chat in whatsapp using jiofi. It is the worst service i have ever used…so shame on reliance jio team

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