How to Jiofi Firmware upgrade to Latest Firmware Version to login jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Step by Step process for How to update Jiofi Firmware upgrade to Latest Version by using to logon into jiofi.local.html/index.htm or…
Jiofi Modem was invented by Jio Company. Lot of Jiofi dongles are sold by Jio. The Jiofi device shares the internet upto 10 other devices like Smartphones or Tab. Recently i hear a news about how to get Jiofi Firmware upgrade file or Jiofi Firmware update. Lot of Jio users are try to upgrade Jiofi Firmware by using to login in jiofi.local.html website or URL. It is a different process to upgrade Jiofi Firmware to Latest Firmware Version.

How to update Jiofi Firmware upgrade to Latest Version logging in jiofi.local.html

Actually there is a Firmware file to upgrade Latest version Firmware. Here we will provide the instructions below….

  • Browse the URL http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm and login to your admin panel with username and password bearing administrative privileges. Go to “Settings” > “Firmware Upgrade” tab.
  • Under this tab’s sub-categories, you will be able to view the installed firmware’s version in your JioFi device under ‘Device Software Version’.
  • Go to “Browse” under “Software Upgrade” > “Select” tab.
  • You can get to see the latest firmware versions listed over there.
  • From there, you need to select the latest one and click on “Apply” button.

Afterwards, it will start firmware upgradation automatically, and within 2-3 minutes’ time, the upgradation will be completed successfully.

Jiofi Firmware
Jiofi Firmware Upgrade

How to Access Jiofi Memory Card Slot in jiofi.local.html?

  • You need to insert the SD card in the provided slot followed by switching on your Jio device.
  • Then browse to URL http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm and login with username and password having administrative privilege.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Storage” and select “Enable” under storage account, assign storage username as “SD card”, change the storage password as per your wish and finally keep the storage mode as ‘WiFi Storage’.
  • To access the storage slot of your Jio device, now you need to browse http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html.

This apart, your SD card contents can also be accessed by using an USB cable while your Jio device being connected to a computer.

How to upgrade Jiofi Firmware Latest Update?

  1. How to check Jiofi Firmware Version in Jiofi.local.html?

    Connect your computer or Personal Computer to your router before tying in JioFi.local.html on the search tab of your web browser. Enter your JioFi ID and Password to access your account. Select Advanced> Settings> Administration to check the firmware version online. Of course, you must logout of your account once you access this information.

  2. How to upgrade Jiofi Firmware new version by logon Jiofi.local.html?

    Once you connect your device to the router, you have to login into the Admin panel using your login credentials. You’ll then have to click on ‘Firmware’ option, after which you can see a configuration backup. Now, go to Settings > Firmware Upgrade and click on ‘Browse’ to start the process of upgrading and installing.

How to disable JioFi Internet to Other Connected Users by jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Setup Procedure for how to disable / stop Jiofi Internet connect to Limited devices with identification by logging into jiofi.local.html/index.htm or or 192.168.l.l URL’s…..
In this post we will see how to block or how to hide Jiofi Router from other users by signin into by jiofi.local.html/index.htm. Of late, Reliance Digital has enabled its LYF section (a subsidiary of Reliance Retail) which manufactures 4G compatible VoLTE smartphones. LYF has empowered ‘JioFi’ which is virtually a Wi-Fi facility for Jio mobile users. JioFi is brought up by Reliance Digital and is supposed to function as a portable broadband device.

The functionality is wide-ranged which also includes allowing multiple users as well as mobile devices to access Jio’s supersonic speed 4G internet connectivity in order to promote creation of personal Wi-Fi hotspots. It is currently entitled as a public Hotspot service being allied with JioNet.

How to stop JioFi Internet from Other Connected devices by login into jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Lot of smartphone users are used the jiofi device. But some users are hack your jiofi wifi hotspot router without your permission. Here we will give some tips how to hide Jiofi 2 Mifi Router by signin through or http://192.168.l.l

  • First Connect your JioFi3 mifi Hotspot dongle with your smartphone or PC or Laptop.
  • Now open any browser installed in your PC or laptop. Preferably browser is ‘Google Chrome’.
  • Enter the URL as given http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm
  • Login with username as administrator and password as administrator.
  • Go to Settings and click on Network. You will see the option of MAC address Filter. Actually the option disabled by default. You can change in Enable mode.

How to Allow to connect your JioFi Router Preferred devices only

Every Jiofi user may have to try to allow only some Preferred devices to connect my JioFi Dongle. Just follow the proceeding steps as given below.

  • First you must complete the above steps then coming to this preferred devices and you have to Enabled MAC address filter. You will notice an option of MAC address filter mode.
  • Allow MAC address filter mode.
  • Then Press on Add option (It is added to your Preferred devices list) and you will choose all the MAC address (devices) which you want connected to your JioFi 3 device.

Next click to confirm your Settings. Your Preferred Settings will be updated immediately.

How to Block / Disable JioFi Internet to Other Connected Users?

  1. How to disable connected devices by logon into Jiofi.local.html?

    Connect your JioFi device with your smartphone or PC. Visit https://jiofi.local.html and login with your Username and Password. Go to Settings option and click on ‘Network.’ You can now see the option of MAC Address Filter, which is actually disabled by default. Users are free to change in Enable mode.

  2. How to know how many devices was connected my Jiofi dongle in Jiofi.local.html?

    Visit http://jiofi.local.html and login to the homepage. Here, you have to access the ‘JioFi Network Status’ page to see all users who use the Wi-Fi. On the settings, look for the network option, after which a menu list will appear when you can select client list. You can see the names of the JioFi active users and the particular time they have been connected.

JioFi Router Reset Process How to Restore default Settings

Procedure on JioFi Router Reset or Jiofi Dongle Reset or Jiofi Modem Reset Process How to Restore default Settings……
JIOFI is a dedicated personal hotspot–exactly the kind of thing in your wide and wild world of the mobile phones. This tiny electronic device bridges the gaps between your local WIFI networks and 4G Networks and is admirably convenient considering the size of your pockets. The network it creates has access to all the electronics capable of networking such as mobile phones, desktops, laptops or any other device up for the same. In this post we will shows you what is procedure on Jiofi Router Reset. Here i will shows you.

Jiofi Router Reset or Restore Jiofi Router default Settings

  • First of Turn on the JioFi 2 / Jiofi 3 router.
  • Then open the back panel from the back.
  • Find the ‘Reset’ button or you can see ‘WPS’ button left side of the dongle.
  • Use a pen or pin or needle or any other object then press the button nearly 30 seconds.
  • All lights will blinking on Jiofi dongle and it can reset automatically.
  • Then connect your PC to your Jiofi 2 router. Launch any internet browser and access http://jiofi.local.html page.
  • Again you can setup your Jiofi router again since the old configuration will be lost.

The best part about this JIOFI device is that it turns your entire home or say workplace online. Also, it comes with rechargeable batteries quoting that one can charge it at home, plug it out, and take your high-speed JIOFI connection with you, anywhere. Also, it is extremely convenient to place calls or messages through JIOFI using the Jio join app in your phones or tablets.

Jiofi Router Reset
Jiofi Router Reset

One should thank JIOFI which has allotted the capability to use Reliance Jio’s high-speed networks even if your phone doesn’t support 4G services. The JIOFI network comes with a pre owned JIO SIM CARD. Once it is activated, one can start using the network services. Also, one can use another operator’s Sim card on to create his JIOFI network which doesn’t require a pen.

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How to Reset and Restore JioFi Router with default Settings?

  1. How to Reset my Jiofi modem?

    Remove the JioFi modem back cover and find the reset button that can be seen easily at the bottom of this hole. Take a small pin and keep pressing for 60 seconds before releasing. The JioFi modem will start blinking and reboot automatically. It is then that you will restore the default settings.

  2. How to restore default settings of Jiofi dongle?

    Take the JioFi device in your hand and remove the back cover from the JioFi router. Locate the hidden ‘Reset’ button on the back of the router. Using a small, sharp object, press the button for about 15-30 seconds without letting it go. The lights will start to blink and the router is going to restart itself.

How to Add Money to JioMoney Wallet – How to Make Online Payments

Simple Steps on Adding money to JioMoney Wallet and How to make online payments in Jio Money App….
Reliance Jio has turned out to be one of the best Telecom companies in
India. This is because they have quite a number of services that they offer to customers. One of these services comes in the form of online payment. Through this service, Jio users can make payments without necessarily having to carry cash using JioMoney app. To changing the Jiofi dongle settings by login jiofi.local.html

However, you must make sure that your JioMoney wallet has enough finances to cater for every bill which you wish to pay. Not every Jio customer can add money to their JioMoney wallet. It is for this reason that we have come up with a guide to help you in topping up your JioMoney wallet.

JioMoney Wallet App
JioMoney Wallet Application

How to Add Money to JioMoney Wallet

All you have to do is make use of the simple step by step guide given below.

  • You will first have to download ‘JioMoney’ app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Type ‘JioMoney Wallet’ on the search address bar of Google Play Store. Click on “Enter” button to initiate the search.
  • Click on ‘JioMoney Wallet’ icon on the options which appear on your screen. You will then have to wait for the application to be downloaded. The waiting time will depend on the speed of your internet connection.
  • As soon as the download is complete, you will have to install it in your Smartphone.
  • Launch the application and register yourself with JioMoney app. To do this simply enter your details i.e. Mobile Number and password.
  • You will also have to enter your name, Date of Birth, gender and re-enter the password to confirm it.
  • Tick on “I Agree to Terms and Conditions” checkbox if you are in agreement with every detail.
  • Next, tap on ‘Register’ option. A One Time Verification Pin (OTP) will then be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to confirm your account.
  • Set your 4-digit Mpin and re-enter it in the space designated for this option.
  • Finally, click on ‘Submit’ button and you will have successfully registered with JioMoney app.
  • You can then add money to your JioMoney using Net Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card. To do this tap on “Manage Accounts” section.
  • A list of services will appear on your screen from where you should click on ‘Add Card / Bank Account’ option.
  • After linking your card or bank account tap on ‘Add Money’ option.
  • Enter the amount of money that you wish to add before tapping on ‘Add Securely’ option.
  • A new page will appear on your screen. Here, choose the option that you wish to use I.e. Net Banking or Credit Card.
  • When using Credit Card, enter the card number, name on card, Expiry date and CVV. Tap on ‘Review & Pay’ button.
  • Choose your banking institution from the options given before clicking on ‘Confirm & Add’ button.
  • Wait for the payment request to be processed after which you should enter the user ID and login password to access your bank account. Click on ‘Login’ button after filling in your login credentials.
  • An OTP will then be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP before tapping on ‘Submit’ button. The money will then be added to your JioMoney wallet and the transaction details will be displayed on your screen.

After adding money to your JioMoney wallet, you can use it in making online payments when shopping. This is a safer method as compared to moving around with money.

How to Install Jio Money Wallet and how to use it?

  1. How to install Jio Money Wallet APP?

    Download the Jio Money Wallet app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Wait until the download completes, after which you can install the app on your device. Open the app and enter your mobile number before clicking on ‘Proceed’ button. Fill in the mandatory details correctly to start the registration process.

  2. How to use Jio Money wallet Application?

    Download and install the latest version of Jio Money app in your smartphone. Complete the registration process by correctly filling in the mandatory details before tapping on the ‘Submit’ button. Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP sent to your registered phone number with Jio. Enter the mPIN and logon to the app to start using it.

  3. How to check Money balance in Jio Money wallet app?

    Once you login or link your mobile number with the Jio Money Wallet app, you can see the ‘Finance’ tab. Click on this tab before selecting the SIM associated with Jio Money wallet. You’ll then have to initiate device binding. After successful device binding, you can be able to see your wallet details.

How to Increase Jiofi Internet Speed Enable Jiofi Mac Address Filter at 192.168.l.l

Procedure for How to raise the Jiofi Internet Speed and How to Enable the Jiofi Mac Address Filter option at 192.168.l.l and jiofi.local.html…..
Jiofi is a broadband device by Reliance Media. With Jiofi, multiple users as well as mobile devices can access 4G internet connection and create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Additionally, Jiofi can connect a minimum of 10 devices plus one USB connection. Some models can support a lot more connections. This article will talk everything in regards to Jiofi Internet Speed and Enable Mac Address Filtering, and how you can configure the Jiofi dongle by accessing 192. 168. l.l or jiofi.local.html

Tips for How to Increase Jiofi Internet Speed

You will also learn how you can change jiofi username and password, change storage options, update Jiofi settings, and check the status of the battery on your Jiofi device. If you possess a Jiofi device, this part of the article is going to be essential to you as it will brief you on how you could increase the speeds. Here are the tips:

  • Create a Wireless Encryption Password to make sure that only you and authorized user can access this connection. It you set it to open, it will be used by other people and cause decreased speeds.
  • Make sure that the DNS is changed to Open DNS i.e. or You could also opt for Google DNS, whose IP address is and Those are the Google DNS servers.
  • Consider placing the device close to the windows or any other open areas instead of placing it very close inside your room. This makes sure that it can easily connect to the network.
Jiofi Internet speed
Jiofi Internet speed and Jiofi Mac Bonding

How to Enable Jiofi Mac Address Filter at 192.168.l.l

Here we will guiding on How to Enable Jiofi MAC Bonding or How to filter Jiofi MAC Address or how to restrict unknown mac id’s. Just go through the following steps:

  • Go to http://jiofi.local.html and click on the login button. Later, sign in with your username and password. (in case you are yet to update the password, use the default one, which is ‘administrator’)
  • Click on the Network tab and choose the ‘Mac Address Filter’ option.
  • Enable the Mac address filter.
  • After providing the separate Mac ID, you can allow or deny access to your network by a certain device.
  • Click on the Submit button. Keep the setting by tapping on “Apply” button.

Jiofi has led to creativity and new innovations in the electronics sector of the industry. Usability has immensely increased and the size has been reduced leading to an innovative union. Due to its never-ending features, Jiofi has a great potential to serve a lot of users. Explore it today!

How to Speed up Jiofi Internet and How to know the Jio Mobile data usage in My Jio App?

  1. How to increase Jiofi Internet speed?

    To increase JioFi internet speed, you ought to perform a number of troubleshooting checks. This will mean checking if you have exceeded the daily data usage limit or checking the status of network indicator. Furthermore, you should ensure your JioFi is within 10 meters of consumption device and connected to maximum 10 devices.

  2. How to check Jio Mobile data usage in My Jio App?

    You can check your usage details using MyJio app. To pull this off successfully, you first have to sign in to MyJio. Next, select ‘Check Usage’ from the homepage and tap on the category for which you want to check usage i.e., Voice, Data, SMS or Wi-Fi. All you have to do is click on ‘Usage Details’ option.