How to make Video Calls Voice Calls using JioFi 3 / Jiofi 2 mifi device

How to make Video Calls / Voice Calls using JioFi 3 / Jiofi 2 / Jio Dongle 2 Mifi wifi Hotspot device…..
Lot of Jiofi users are getting confused How to make a Voice Calls using Jiofi 2 Mifi Device or How to make Video Calls using Jio Dongle 2. It is very easy process. Jiofi is a successful device on sharing Internet upto 10 devices. And also it can have one different option i.e Jiofi can connect to your Personal Computer Using USB cable. Everybody must Join into the Jio Prime Membership. In previous article we will discuss on Jio 99 Prime Membership. Jiofi router setup will be available to logon into jiofi.local.html

The best thing about the device is that, though the device comes packed with a Jio SIM, it has not restricted the use of other SIM in its device. You have to bear the operator’s cost, but you can make it work on the JioFi device.

Voice Calls using Jiofi
Video Calls using Jiofi

How to Make Video Calls or Voice Calls using Jiofi wifi Hotspot Device

Each and Every Jiofi 3 user must install the Jio 4G voice App in your smartphone. If the play store shows your device not compatible you can download the Jio 4G Voice APK file in your PC. After completion of download you can upload in your Smartphone. Then install it.

You will connect the Jiofi to your Smartphone using Wifi. After the Successful installation open the 4G Voice App. That app asks to activate / register in your mobile. You can Enter your Jiofi Sim number. You can get an OTP (One Time Password) to your Alternate Mobile Number which number was given in the proofs submission time. Then enter the OTP click on submit button. Jio 4G Voice app will be activated successfully.

Again the app will asks you can allow your Contacts and Messages. Click on OK button. After clicking that button your contacts will be Synchronize to Jio 4G Voice. Now it is ready to make Voice calls using Jiofi dongle.

How to Make Video Calls using Jiofi 3 Mifi Device

Follow the above installation and activation procedure. Coming to the Calling option. If you have to make a video call your friend will also have the Jio 4G voice app. Both sides have to install the Jio 4G voice app. Then you will make the video calling option in your smartphones.

How to talk Voice Calls and How to Make Video Calls using Jiofi modem?

  1. How to do voice calls using Jiofi Modem?

    Open the normal phone dialer on your 2G / 3G / 4G smartphone and type a number. You can also choose a contact before tapping on ‘Call’ button. Jio4GVoice app will automatically appear with your selected contact. Tap on ‘Green’ colored voice call button to make voice call through the Jio SIM present in your JioFi.

  2. How to do 4G video calls using Jiofi dongle?

    Open the normal phone dialer on your 4G smartphone and type the number you want to call. Tap on ‘Call’ button, after which Jio4G Voice app will appear with your selected contact automatically. Finally, tap on the ‘Green’ colored video call button to call your Jio contacts through the Jio SIM present in your JioFi.

  3. How to use Jio 4G Voice App?

    Once you download and install the Jio 4G voice app, you need to have it configured. It is then that you can select the contact and click on the voice dial pad on your smartphone. Ensure both you and the person you are calling have a VoLTE compatible 4G handset or have the Jio4GVoice app installed successfully.

Jio 5G Upcoming Unlimited Mobile Data Tariff Plans

Jio 5G Unlimited Mobile Data Tariff Plans and Prices are announcing as soon……
Reliance Jio has been doing quite well in India’s Telecom industry ever since they released their 4G services. These 4G services have provided fast internet speeds to members so long as you purchase a given Jio plan. Reliance Jio is now planning to launch 5G, a network that is set to revolution is the mobile network in India. The upcoming 5G will be released any time from now since the company is currently performing final touches on how 5G is going to work.

Jio 5G Connection

Reliance Jio plans to launch 5G with the main aim of building a good series of networks and coverage all over India. However, Jio network towers are only supporting Jio 4G hence the company needs new machinery that will support the upcoming network. As soon as the new machinery are in place, Reliance Jio will launch 5G to designated areas in India. This will then be followed by a nationwide distribution of the Reliance Jio 5G network.

jio 5g
5G plans

5G Mobile Booking and Price

At the moment, there is no Telecom Company in India which has launched 5G services since they are also focused on setting up their connections. Reliance Jio has also not been left behind as they are also setting up their connections by installing more Jio Towers. All these are designed to make sure that users can enjoy strong connections when Reliance Jio launches their 5G service. Since 5G may not work on 4G compatible phones, it is expected that Reliance Jio will launch their own 5G Smartphone. These Smartphone will have more features as compared to the current 4G Smartphone.  Therefore, we only have to wait until Reliance Jio launches 5G mobile booking, 5G mobile prices and 5G Smartphone.

5G Speed

According to close sources, Reliance Jio may make use of network speeds ranging from 1GB P/s to 100 GB p/s. The upcoming 5G internet will be very fast in that users can download file sizes of 80 MB within a second. However, this is just a prediction and the real speeds will be known as soon as Reliance Jio releases 5G.

5G Device

Reliance Jio was the first Telecom network in India to launch VoLTE services. Airtel then followed this path by launching their own VoLTE network in order to offer fast network connections. The question on many people’s lips is what kind of devices will be able to support the upcoming 5G or any other 5G services that they have to offer. But as we said earlier, only Reliance Jio has answers to these questions. We therefore have to keep on waiting until the release date of 5G before getting satisfactory answers.

As soon as Reliance Jio releases, we will be able to get the fastest network connection. Unfortunately, this continues to remain a dream so long as we are still using Jio 4G services. The good news is that Reliance Jio has already shown signs of launching Jio 5G.