JioFi Router Reset Process How to Restore default Settings

Procedure on JioFi Router Reset or Jiofi Dongle Reset or Jiofi Modem Reset Process How to Restore default Settings……
JIOFI is a dedicated personal hotspot–exactly the kind of thing in your wide and wild world of the mobile phones. This tiny electronic device bridges the gaps between your local WIFI networks and 4G Networks and is admirably convenient considering the size of your pockets. The network it creates has access to all the electronics capable of networking such as mobile phones, desktops, laptops or any other device up for the same. In this post we will shows you what is procedure on Jiofi Router Reset. Here i will shows you.

Jiofi Router Reset or Restore Jiofi Router default Settings

  • First of Turn on the JioFi 2 / Jiofi 3 router.
  • Then open the back panel from the back.
  • Find the ‘Reset’ button or you can see ‘WPS’ button left side of the dongle.
  • Use a pen or pin or needle or any other object then press the button nearly 30 seconds.
  • All lights will blinking on Jiofi dongle and it can reset automatically.
  • Then connect your PC to your Jiofi 2 router. Launch any internet browser and access http://jiofi.local.html page.
  • Again you can setup your Jiofi router again since the old configuration will be lost.

The best part about this JIOFI device is that it turns your entire home or say workplace online. Also, it comes with rechargeable batteries quoting that one can charge it at home, plug it out, and take your high-speed JIOFI connection with you, anywhere. Also, it is extremely convenient to place calls or messages through JIOFI using the Jio join app in your phones or tablets.

Jiofi Router Reset
Jiofi Router Reset

One should thank JIOFI which has allotted the capability to use Reliance Jio’s high-speed networks even if your phone doesn’t support 4G services. The JIOFI network comes with a pre owned JIO SIM CARD. Once it is activated, one can start using the network services. Also, one can use another operator’s Sim card on to create his JIOFI network which doesn’t require a pen.

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10 thoughts on “JioFi Router Reset Process How to Restore default Settings”

  1. i have a jiofi4 router.few days before i reset it to factory settings.before factory restore it connect easily with my hp laptop.but after factory setting i facing lot of issue with the connectivity,i couldnt connect with my laptop.please help me out from this.

  2. I forgot the username/password of jiofi,local.html site , is there any way i can get it back or reset it.
    i had changed the default username and password

  3. I have pressed the reset button near the battery,but now after resetting i am unable to login.i have forgotten the initial password. please help urgently.

  4. Once i unlock my jiofy ms can i reset it back to the same old method where only the jio sim works.What does configuration restore means , does that mean that i can restore back to old firmware it was before i unlocked the jiofy

  5. My camera is unable to connect jiofi… Even is speed is very good.. But connected to my bsnl broadband easily…
    And disconnecting between the surfing many times.. And sometimes it doesn’t show in the list of wifi available….

  6. My jiofi4 doongle ke password ssoid automatic change ho Gaye hai Jo date 23.010.2021ko dausa jio service center per lake Gaya tha then ramsingh ji worker ne 1800rupayee ka kharcha bataya aur koi solution nahi nikala


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